- We have three universal banner sizes. 728x90, 468x60, and 300x250.
- 95% of the impressions are for Bids (the highest), 5% for Network Pool ads.
- If site has low 0.1 ZER total bids, it will has low chance %50 of impressions.
- If site has No bids, it will be %100 of impressions for Network Pool ads.
- Targeted CPC Ads has %5 chance of Total site's impressions.


- Partners can publish as many banners per site as they wish.
- Partners can withdraw their profits whenever they want as long as the amount is more than 0.001 ZER.

We reserve the right to disapprove websites which :
- Have pages that have malicious code or illegal or adult content or links to such content.
- Overlay or hide our ads, or overlay them with other ads; Our ad code must be visible on the approved website and can not be put in other pages, scripts or frames..
- Promote or facilitate illegal or legally questionable activities such as pirating and hacking.
- Display excessive number of ads or pop-unders.


- All payments should be processed within 5 minutes of request time.
- If any kind of an error occurs, please contact us and we will resolve it and refund you.
- Payment method is Zero currency only.


- We will not approve any banners that we consider inappropriate.
- We reserve the right to ban users which try to advertise links with malicious code, illegal or adult content.
- We will not approve ads with redirect URLs or any function that may change your target page.
- Payment method is Zero currency only.


- We will not be liable for any kind of delays or failures that are not directly related to us and therefore beyond our control.
- We do not endorse any product, service, or company that has an ad in this website. Please do your own due dilligence before trusting any or services or purchasing any of the products advertised here.

Refund Policy

- To request a refund, please send a message to support@2checkout.com with your 2Checkout order number and the reason you’d like to cancel the order if you have no balance /credits spent. We’ll review your request and get back to you with an answer as soon as possible.