ZerAds is complete advertising network. We have excitiny bidding system!
ZerAds works using a pay-per-day system, but not just a normal one. People can bid against each other to get the highest impression time.
You can also allow/disallow pay-per-click system on your site to be like other advertising networks.
When you have no bidders or active ads on your site, we will display Network Pool Ads as possible, to keep your site earning up almost all the time!

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🤝 Best Solution!

We care the more with Bids. If no bidders we will care with Network Pool Ads, if also not available we will display your site offers page. This will give your site the Most Income!

👌 Lowest Fees

ZerAds fee is %10 only while other networks are taking up to %20!
This will give Publishers %10 more earning what they can do from other networks. Plus to our new ways to stay your site earning is up almost all of the time!

😎 Advertisers

Target your ad only to the websites you pick and pay-per-day (bid).
Or place one ad on the whole network sites quickly with many options CPC, CPM, or pool bid.
All ads are approved quickly. We accept Bitcoin, Litecoin and Zero crypto currency for advertising.

😊 Publishers

Set up an adspace on your website and let advertisers bid for a share of the time. When you have no bidders. you will get shares of whole Network advertising to stay earning almost all of the time. We accept all websites instantly.

💎 Faucet

ZerAds has free daily faucet giving free ZER balance for promoting your sites without paying a penny. You can claim credits everyday and submit your ads to ZerAds network.

🌏 +500 Websites

We have big websites library to bid your ads into any, or all, of our +500 websites. Our websites are ready to promote your product via Banner or Popup, within few minutes.

ZerAds is your solution to get maximum earning your site worth!